The Phenomenon of Online Football Gambling in Indonesia & Sbobet Agent

The Phenomenon of Online Football Gambling in Indonesia & Sbobet Agent

If you are a fanatical football club fan, then it is no wonder that you have bet on football matches. Yes, even though the stakes are small, they can still be called gambling, which is precisely to draw fate and luck.

With the development of technology, especially internet media and website applications. Many companies develop applications to provide online soccer gambling facilities that are done in real time and you can place online soccer bets for your favorite team by using internet media and websites .

Oh yes, it is true that in Indonesia, companies are not allowed to launch or create applications that help gambling or online situs judi online gambling. The online gambling company is made by a company not from Indonesia, but from countries that allow or legalize gambling such as liberal countries such as United States America, United Kingdom, and others.

However, for online soccer gambling services that are popular and trusted in Indonesia, it is not a website or application service from the US or UK but from the Philippines and they have managed to hold a license to provide online betting and live casino services for the Asian region.

The company is called SBOBET and their service is online with the domain At a glance about this company I quoted from wikipedia Indonesia which explained that sbobet is a website that provides online betting. They operate in Asia and have been licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation located in Manila-Philippines and in Europe have been licensed by the Isle of Man Government to operate as a worldwide sports bookmaker. SBOBET offers sports betting in several languages.

This company not only provides online sports betting such as football and baseball, but they also provide online live casinos that provide gambling such as Baccarat , Roulette ( Rolette ), Sic Bo , and Black Jack in real time with cameras integrated with the website, and users can do gambling is like a casino being in their own home. And other online gambling games.

In Indonesia, actions that contain elements of gambling are not legal or are not allowed by the Indonesian government. However, the sbobet online gambling website has an Indonesian version or an Indonesian version, in which the point is that they are targeting the Indonesian market as well as to become their own members for online sports betting on their services.

Indeed, the SBOBET website service cannot be accessed in Indonesia, which does not allow people to gamble online, but with the help of the sbobet agent, you can then access the website with a mirror website that is connected to the main sbobet website.

With these opportunities, many companies have emerged that become third parties between sbobet and users in Indonesia who want to do online soccer gambling or other sports betting so that users can make transactions such as deposits and withdrawals on the sbobet service.

This is an opportunity for some people to become sbobet agents and they are competing to become the best sbobet agents with their services to provide online gambling facilities.