Tips To Win Paris of the East Slot On Live22

In the early 20th century, Shanghai was famous for its nightclubs, bars and entertainment. Malaysia online casino Live22 shows this time to Slots Paris, including dancers, shady thugs and luxury cars at the time, while players are influenced by exotic extras such as wild substitutions, symbol switching and 4 level jackpot features.

Paris of the East has an unusual design, with brightly illuminated door-lights placed on a roll, surrounded by flashlights on both sides of the nightclub. In the main game, we see 4 progressive dilemmas, increasing in each value, and below is a series of control buttons, each of which is surrounded by many lighting effects. This slot machine has 5 reels and 30 payload lines, and all lines are legally valid, with a minimum bet of 30 coins per spin. This can be increased to 90,000 coins, and it should be mentioned now that to get the 100% jackpot, you need to reach the maximum bet level, as only 10% of the jackpot is awarded with the minimum bet and increases when the bet increases.

Heading to Shanghai
On the umbrella table, there is a beautiful singer, if you fall on reels 1 and 2 while betting, and 80 times the coin woman, all kinds of wins In a handsome man’s hat worth 70 times, the tradition of other women’s red dresses will pay up to 60 times, plus sunglasses and smoking characters, which look annoying, worth 60 times the value of the series. Play cards 10, J, Q, K and A, as well as symbols for hats, fans or small microphones. However, they will allow most lines to win, 10 and J bounce back to 12 online bets, while other charging lines pay up to 14 times.

Mystery Symbols Create Victory

The red paper fan is a special symbol, which appears on each spin, filling at least 1 random reel and sometimes 2 or 3. When the spinning stops, the fan is folded and magically transforms into any other character, or playing card symbol. and while this will not always result in a new winning line being formed, it is often done.

Free Spins And Jackpot Payouts

Part of the old Shanghai skyline, complete with fireworks, is a scatter symbol and when it stops at 3 or more places at once, the free spin bonus game begins. A number of random games are awarded, and each bonus round is welcome, there is nothing in the symbol mix to make it more valuable, and they cannot be re-tossed. The last symbol to close is a luxury car, which takes players to a progressive jackpot round when at 1, 2 and 3 at once. To win a Mini, Minor, Major or Grand jackpot prize (or a percentage thereof), you simply click on your favorite participant from 4 options and the jackpot is lowered.


Paris of the East is an exciting Malaysian slot game that delivers a solid and reliable winner, especially when the fan turns into a new symbol, or the slot completes a full line. We found the free spin bonus round to be difficult to trigger, but maybe it was just us, and of course, entering the progressive jackpot feature would be a rare event for any player.

Tips To Win Gorilla’s Tribe Slots On Live22

Gorilla Tribe is a wild jungle themed slot machine game. Gorilla Tribe is running 6 reels, 4 lines of symbols and 50 paylines, you can win, this is a mechanical and exotic theme game. Featuring gorillas and large diamonds in the African rainforest, the slot may have been inspired by the 1995 Congolese film, which featured gorillas and high -tech high -tech gorillas searching for King Solomon’s grass in the Congolese wilderness. Whatever the original, the end product is an energetic slot machine game that mixes a variety of colors to create a stimulating atmosphere.

As Wild As A Gorilla
The payline for the Gorilla Trend slot game is set, so you can’t disable it individually to select the bet you want to bet and change your bet more widely. The only control for bets is the total bet amount, starting with a minimum of 0.01 points and up to 200 points. Due to the large screen format, you can find a variety of payouts in the form of payments, starting with a 2 symbol payout and ending with 6 symbol combinations. The only symbols that pay for 2-6 combinations are the diamond and butterfly symbols, which give the same return of 4,000x to 200,000x, depending on the number of symbols you collect.

Malaysia slot game Gorilla is a special symbol in this slot that can be used as wildlife. It does not have its own payout schedule, it can only replace any regular symbol, does not spread symbols and cumulative symbols. For a scatter plot, when 3 symbols appear on reels 1, 2 and 3, they can unlock 8 free spin games. The free spin bonus game gets 2 times the multiplier in any win you get, they can also be withdrawn when you collect 3 more points, in which case you will get 5 free spins instead of the usual 8 rounds. If you want more scatter on your reels, you need to use the maximum bet per spin.

The main feature of the gorilla tribe is the jackpot prize. This slot has four jackpots: Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini, which cover different parts of your bet based on your total spend. To enter the jackpot round, you need to collect 3 jackpot symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3, and after that you will be taken to a lucky wheel that can spin and give away prizes to one of the prizes.


The Gorilla Tribe is a wild themed slot machine game. This is a game mechanic and exotic theme. Try downloading on the Malaysia online betting website .

All About The Best Online Slot Games

The goal of bettors to enjoy online slot games is to profit from winnings or bonuses.

Yes, now it’s not only winnings that can add to the rupiah coffers, but there are also bonuses that you can get to maximize your wins.

You will get to know the jackpot bonus , which is a bonus with a nominal greater than the main one, so don’t be surprised if slot lovers are often hunted.

Not to mention other bonuses and can also be obtained easily so that you can enjoy a more profitable online version of the game.

But still in a game, if the bettor manages to conquer the slot machine, he will feel very satisfied.

One of the tricks to maximize victory is to choose the right type of game and according to the player’s skills. Therefore, it is necessary to know the types or sundries in the best online slots.

Progressive Slots Multiple Lines
This type of game is in great demand by bettors because later players can get a bonus as discussed above, namely the jackpot bonus.

The value of this bonus is so high that it can be a challenge for players to get a jackpot of this high value.

No less interesting than progressive slots, this game can also provide many advantages for players to get the jackpot more easily.

But of course everything will be directly proportional because the greater the value of the convenience of getting the jackpot bonus, the greater the value of the bet.

There is also a slot game which is usually called a 5 part game where as a beginner this game is very difficult to beat.

So five-line slots are only recommended by old players who are already proficient in the world of online slots.

So you should first know the most basic game before playing this game

Single Row Slots and Free Spins
There are other versions of traditional games or better known as classic slots, even played at the beginning of the formation of slot games.

This game has a very easy way of playing so it is highly recommended for new players. You just need to get 1 same image in a row.

There are also slot games that are only for entertainment, namely games without bets, so they are recommended for players who still want to know the ins and outs of online slots.

Before playing using bets, it is recommended to play using the free version of the slot.

Actually there are also several agendas that provide free spins but for certain promos.

Usually players are welcome to enjoy online slot games once without having to make a bet deposit first, but if you win, there are prizes that can be won.

From several choices of ball games, you have to choose which one you think is easier to play.

If you just want to have fun, you can opt for the free version as it is intended for entertainment purposes only. But if you want to be more profitable then you can choose another game.

You can also try the classic version of the slot game or one of the lines as it is easier to play and you can also have a higher chance of winning.

You just need to press the play button to start the game and press the stop button to stop it until you are in the same combination in a row.

However, if you are already proficient in the world of selawat, there is nothing wrong with choosing a more difficult game so that when you win the game you will feel more satisfied.

Currently, there are many online slot games that you can choose and adjust to your interests and abilities to play.