How to play online slot games at Pussy888

Malaysians have been waiting for new casino games to appear on the market and this is what they got. we bring you Pussy888, a popular Malaysian online casino that is new to the market and fresh with new and popular classic games. Pussy888 has a lot of different games new and old but everything is getting better. The game is very fun and also the app looks great. it looks like a fun app for both arcade and serious professional gambling.

Thai Temple Slot Online Pussy888
At the Thai Temple, once again you get into an Asian theme, with attractive graphics and backgrounds provided by Playtech. This is a game with 15 paylines, 5 reels, plus free play, and, interestingly, the promise of progressive jackpots. the symbols you see usually come with an Asian theme. there are Golden Buddha, Dragon and Tiger. there are also other symbols, a Thai woman and a Thai monk. these are the symbols that will be your helpers in getting pleasure during the game, plus the symbols to reward you with benefits and make you a winner. when you find out that the number of free spins to reward you can soar up to 165, and the bonus on your hold can be 500x,

The Golden Temple is Wild. The Thai Gold Temple is really interesting. it will eliminate odd symbols to complete combinations to produce special wins for you it is a powerful tool that will have it to double all your winnings when it participates in the winning spin. another big win promise is a combination of 4 Wilds that come on the payline, as it will activate an exciting feature, pussy888 progressive jackpot

For free games, Golden Buddha is the key. The Buddha can do many things for everyone. especially in games that the symbols take good care of you. hurry to seize the Scatters, as many as you see coming. from 2 to 5 Scatters, your reward comes as a multiplier. The multipliers are as follows, for 2, 3, 4, or 5 Scatters: 2x, 5x, 10x, and 100x. when you see a combination of 3 at least Buddha on the reels, no matter where, free spins. At first they were 15. the multiplier that came with them was 3x. when more Buddhas come, for every 3 more, 15 more free spins will be added. as we mentioned above, this number of rotations can reach 165.

When you manage to reach the number of free spins, your win will be 500x your bet, plus your other wins. with each successful spin, you can take advantage of the Gamble feature. in it, you must strive to downsize the dealer and make the card taller than the dealer’s card. you can achieve Double, or Double Double, or collect to grab your win.

The rewards you will collect, along with the charm of the Asian environment, will give you a sense of joy. the specific beauty of Asian customs and traditions is now brought by Playtech, to your hands. with the Thai Temple you enter this world, and you are rewarded for your gaming experience there, in many ways, with Wild, Scatter, free spins, and exciting opportunities to play for progressive jackpots. With all 15 lines triggered, bet for the jackpot, and stay happy while waiting for the outcome of your game.