How to Spread Financial Market Bet

For years people enjoyed swinging at horse racing and other sports by going to street bookies and placing bets. The lucky few have made a few pounds doing just that.

But over the years now several Bandar Judi Online  people have been betting on the financial markets with betting companies scattered and growing in popularity. Spread betting has quietly emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors of the entire financial services industry.

Profit from financial betting

This can all be done from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the UK (or the world) as long as you have access to a telephone or the internet.

While there are lots of people doing this full time, there are lots of people doing it part time and making a lot of money TAX FREE.

You need a little time for this kind of bet. Most people only devote a few hours a week at most an hour or even half an hour at night.

It’s tax free. If you own stock in the company when you sell the stock, you must pay capital gains tax. But when you spread betting financial markets you don’t own any shares but you bet on those shares, and currently (for UK traders) you don’t pay any tax on your winnings.

There are many markets where you can spread your bets.

As with individual stocks, you can spread bets on Indices, currencies, interest rates and commodities.

You can start trading with as little as 50 points per point (depending on which spread betting company you use). Although most part time traders will bet £1. Up to £3. One point or £5. Up to £10. At some point you can start with 50 points per point and increase your bet as you get more experienced.

Leverage is a big attraction for spreading bets. This provides investors with a degree of gearing. This means that relatively large sums of money can be won with quite a small outlay.

You don’t need any experience or knowledge of financial markets.

Many people start financial betting with no previous experience of financial markets. It’s easy to pick up what you need to know as you go along. Also, you don’t need any qualifications.

Many of the city’s most successful merchants were unqualified.

You don’t need a lot of money to make a lot of money because you can use leverage.

If you have a computer with access to the internet, you will find it very valuable to access financial information but not essential for trading financial markets. To start with all you need is a phone.

You can do all your trading over the phone with financial bookies and with most financial bookies you can trade online if you want, and most have more than just a trading platform on their website. Most of the spread betting companies (financial bookies) also provide you with market news, charts and more.

Whether you trade by phone or online, you must open an account with a financial bookie. (You can open more than one account if you want). There are two types of accounts to choose from. Cash account or credit account. With some bookmakers you can open a cash account for as little as £100. But with some you will need £5,000. So to start with it would be better to open an account with a bookie which requires only a small amount to open a trading account.

Financial spread betting is fast becoming the investment vehicle of choice for many investors and traders. It is a derivative product, meaning the trader is trading the price derived from the underlying asset, instead of owning the actual asset itself. Dividends are not paid and you don’t get any voting rights but there are great benefits that support why this form of financial market trading is so popular.